bomb diggity

{bawm dig·uh·tee} adjective

  1. totally awesome, fantastic in every way, the best.
  2. how users refer to your web site, after you hire me.
    "Dang, this web site is the bomb diggity."


I'm that eccentric, geeky chick you went to high school with. You know, the one with the snazzy cart going from classroom to classroom fixing computers? Yeah... that was me.

At the ripe old age of 17, I went off to find myself. And find myself I did... along with my first husband and my first real business, a web design and development firm we founded. We worked like crazed wildebeasts and made money like mad. I was cooked after about 3 years, stayed in it for another 2 years, then finally had a melt down and moved to Maine to "find myself" (hmmmmm....).

I found the love of my life. We got married, found 120 acres in the willy-wacks, a gaggle of farm animals and 3 totally awesome kids (well they sort of found us).

I'm 36 now, and I've learned a couple of things.
1.) Farms are expensive.
2.) So are kids.


Mad Skillzzz

I speak American English. If you've hired a web professional lately, you'll understand why this is both important and nice to have in a UI/UX person.

I write code. While I am incredibly well versed in the Adobe Creative Suite, I do 90% of my coding by hand. I believe clean, snappy web sites start from the code level, and most software used to generate HTML adds a substantial amount of bloat.

I love open source! I run Ubuntu, an operating system based on Linux which replaces Windows or MacOS and is free. I also love everything open source and free for your web site, which means you will save money when you hire me.

At the end of the day, its all about results. I've been saying these exact words for almost 20 years. The ONLY truth when it comes to web sites, are the RESULTS. Did your user do what you wanted them to? Did they "buy now"? Did they "sign up"? Did they "like us"?

Getting to Yes is what I do.


Hire Me

I am occassionally looking for new clients, but I can often be tantalized by large sums of money.